Bio - TheExpertAmateur

Who is 'The Expert Amateur'?

I am a photographer living in Fort Collins, CO (The best place in the world!). It all started with a point-and-shoot and a trip to Europe for my belated honeymoon. I haven't been able to put down the camera since. From the beginning, I was fascinated with the complexity and challenges of capturing still images of the rapidly moving world around me. I am also fascinated by the technology, math, color management, and the relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO but that's pretty boring to many people, so I digress...

Over the years, I have obviously lost a lot of hair, but I have also experimented with many different genres of photography. My photographs are not limited to one specific genre, but are instead linked by similar characteristics. These characteristics include: strong contrast, vivid colors, and/or interesting textures which can be found in anything from a delicate flower to a long-forgotten factory. Seeking out and finding the places and objects that possess these characteristics is half the fun of photography. My galleries contain images from the beginning of my relationship with photography. Looking back on my early images reminds me of where I started and how much I have grown as a photographer. I look forward to where I will be many years from now. In addition to photography I am a software engineer, drummer, dork, and most important of all husband and father.

Why 'The Expert Amateur'?

I am hesitant to ever call myself an expert because I am constantly learning from others. 'The Expert Amateur' is a fun way to poke fun of myself!

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